Sanity G6 NPWT system

Package includes Sanity pump drive unit, 300 ml canister, a/c adapter, carry pouch, & user manual.

Advanced wound care therapy from Progressive Wound Care®

With increasing product choices, the utilization of negative pressure wound therapy has grown considerably. Although the various designs appear different, many evolved from pedigrees outside of wound care. The Sanity G6 was designed from inception specifically to provide solutions unique to advanced wound care while avoiding common shortcomings of other systems.

Unique Vacuum Containment

The Sanity G6 unit does not utilize an internal air pump to provide vacuum to a collection canister. By design, the “pump” is contained within the disposable canister, fully and physically isolated from the Sanity G6 drive unit. This isolation eliminates the possibility of canister overflow and aspiration of the infectious materials to inside the unit. Safely sealed, the self contained design reduces risks to patients and caregivers. Like the time proven IV pump, such designs are readily recognized as superior for cross contamination controls.

Best In Class Portability

  • Weighs less than 2lbs. including carry bag.
  • 33% to 50% smaller than competing systems.
  • Design allows operation while upright, or when laying flat on one side for maximum flexibility for the ambulatory patient.
  • Carry pouch for discreet therapy.
  • Battery power provides true mobility to travel, shop, or visit clinic.

Important Features

  • Small and lightweight
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Vital operation alarms

Clinical Considerations

  • Vacuum range from -50 to -175 mmHg.
  • Intermittent therapy setting option.
  • Full set of alarms for common faults.
  • Novel venting system inhibits stagnation of viscous exudate in the canister line,

Sanity Dressings

  • Wide variety of NPWT dressings sizes and styles.
  • Optional GelTex® NPWT kits are supplied with LipoGel®, a unique lipid-based wound gel that reduces commonly experienced pain of foam dressing changes.
  • Optional IodoFoam, controlled release iodine foam dressing which may be used underneath the foam dressings to provide a unique and advantageous antimicrobial option.

Foundation of Confidence

  • The Sanity Wound Management System has been used clinically and critically evaluated by over 10
  • clinical centers in the US and Europe in both home and acute settings.
  • Over a 5 year period, high quality, small size, ease of use, cost, and low risk of cross contamination were consistently cited as strong advantages.
  • With a national network dedicated to supply local service to clinicians based in acute care, long term facilities, and outpatient settings, we look forward to working with you and your patients.


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