For more information, contact us for an open discussion regarding what our products can do to impact your distribution business, practice, or institution. Even if your specific patient needs are not met within our product line, we are happy to assist you to find a solution. Patients drive our recommendations and clinician relationships.

Do you sell or lease NPWT pumps?


Yes, we’ve introduced the new Sanity G6 system for negative pressure wound therapy. The Sanity G6 is available from a network of DME suppliers and independent representatives across the country. The Sanity G6 system is available for a no-obligation clinical evaluation with your patients. Contact us or your local representative for more information

Is my pump compatible with your dressing sets?


Our dressing designs are intended to be widely adaptable. However, new NPWT pump vendors are entering the market place regularly. Therefore, simply contact us for the most current information on compatibility.

Can I buy products from you directly?


Of course, simply contact us to get started.

Do you have wholesale and institutional pricing?


Yes, just give us a call to discuss volume, terms and channel options.

Do you have any research or clinical publications?


Absolutely, simply contact us for a list of references.

Do you provide training for your line?


Of course, contact us for more information. In-service training, local seminar training and video training is available to you.